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Transfer, € (for the sum of € 50 000):
USD: a simple payment order is 40 USD; urgent payment order is 60 USD; express payment order of 80 USD. EUR: a simple payment order is 15 EUR; urgent payment order 30 EUR; express payment order 50 EUR. On April 1, 2014 to international outgoing payments in USD for offshore companies introduced an additional commission of 0.1% of the amount (max 500 USD) if the country of registration of the recipient country is characterized by the beneficiary's bank (the fee amount can be removed by agreement with Bank). If the country of the payee in the USD is not Latvia, the country of the beneficiary bank and enters the "Watch List countries" (in it, in particular, includes offshore), the bank will charge an additional fee of 0.1% of the payment amount (a maximum 500 USD)

Admission, € (for the sum of € 50 000):
Transfer of funds in all currencies is free of charge

Account maintenance, € / year:
Service current account (per month) 20 EUR. Notification of transactions on the current account (SMS or email) for free

Payment limits on credit cards, € / day
The limit on cash withdrawal from ATMs: 1 500 EUR, 2000 USD / 1300 GBP / 60,000 RUB. Client can set limits in accordance with their expenses for shopping

Account management:
Account management is carried out by means internetbankinga using the code card or digipass device

Banking Products:
The Bank provides a wide range of the most popular products and services: current account transfers and currency transactions; savings and deposit accounts, payment cards, documentary transactions, investment products, consulting services

Credit cards:
Mastercard / Visa Electron 30 EUR; Mastercard / Visa Classic / Business 50 EUR; Mastercard / Visa Gold / Gold Business 100
EUR; Visa Platinum 300 EUR; Visa Infinite 700 EUR
Limitations on the number of operations:
Since the bank has positioned itself as a universal (including commercial), the restrictions on the number of operations is not installed.

Down payment:
Not required.

The requirements for minimum turnover:
USD: a simple payment order is the value date on the next day; urgent payment order is the value date on the same day, the time for 17:00 GMT; Express payment order value date of the day, out of the lineup, the time for 19:30 GMT. Eur: a simple payment order is the value date on the next day; urgent payment order is the value date on the same day, the time for 16:00 GMT; Express payment order value date of the day, out of the lineup, the time for 17:00 GMT.
3 position in local rating
1940 position in global rating
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Founded: 1993

The bank was founded in 1993 on the basis of the regional branch of the Bank of Latvia in the city of Aizkraukle, so
originally called «Aizkraukles banka». In subsequent years, the bank was active in the service sector
foreign customers. Offering a variety of banking products, mainly related
settlements, the bank became a prominent participant in the financial market. One of the first bank in Latvia started
to develop a variety of remote customer service channels. As a result, significantly improved
quality of service and the bank began to develop even faster. In May 2011, the bank changed its name to ABLV
Bank, AS. Today, ABLV Bank, AS - is the largest independent private bank in Latvia with representative
Group in many CIS countries: Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok), Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa)
Belorussia (Minsk), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Azerbaijan (Baku), Kazakhstan (Almaty), Tajikistan (Dushanbe). The
ABLV group includes ABLV Bank, AS, and more than 20 subsidiaries. The most significant of these are
companies that provide brokerage and investment services, private investment funds and companies
counseling. In May 2015 ABLV Bank opened a representative office in Hong Kong

Shareholders of the bank:
Olegs Fils 42,95%; Ernests Bernis and Nika Berne 42,95%

Agreement on legal assistance of the Russian Federation concluded, an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation concluded; AML legislation is strictly observed
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