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Outcoming transfer, €:
Payments in CHF are free of charge, payments in USD ‐ 25 USD for both payer and payee

Incoming transfer, €:
Incoming payments are free of charge.

Account maintenance, €/year:
The cost of servicing the account is from 200 to 400 CHF per year

Payment limit for credit cards, €/day:
Minimum limit is not specified, but the sum of 10 000 CHF is advisable. Increase in credit limit is considered individually by Credit Agricole (Suisse) SA.

Funds to be blocked for CC issue, €:
Amount being in three times over the credit limit is blocked on account.

Distant access to the account:
The account is operated via internet system (eS2i).
Normally, payment instructions are sent by fax with further confirmation by voice

Financial products:
Discretionary portfolio management, consulting, structured products, foreign‐currency operations, precious metals, estate planning, financial engineering and specialized financing, credits, guarantees, cheque books

Credit/debit cards:
Cirrus Maestro, Visa Cashcard. Also available is a unique bank plastic product – anonymous card Cirrus Travel Cash

Hold mail:
Charge for statement storage is usually 75 CHF quarterly.
Minimum balance, €:
Minimum balance for account opening: CHF 250 000

Transactions permitted per month:
As private banking is the core business of Credit Agricole (Suisse) SA, trading transaction is not a matter of priority and such
transactions are effected on special terms and conditions which depend on account balance, customer potential, average amount of transactions, accompanying documents and etc.

Initial deposit of funds, €:
Initial deposit is equal to the minimum balance: CHF 250 000
Deadline for the initial deposit, month:
It is advisable to deposit funds in account within 3 months

How fast payments are executed:
Payments in Swiss francs are made within the same day (if instructions are given until 12:00 local time), payments in EUR are
effected until 15:00, and payments in USD are made until 17:00. Payments by private banking are executed within the same day
16 position in local rating
595 position in global rating
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Year of foundation: 2005

On March 19, 2005 Credit Lyonnais (Suisse) SA (Est. 1876) and Credit Agricole Indosuez (Suisse) SA (created in 1999 as a result of the merger between the Swiss branches of Credit Agricole Indosuez and Banque du Credit Agricole (Suisse) SA), merged to form the above. Overall Credit Agricole (Suisse) SA has been present on the Russian market for more than 15 years. Being a subsidiary of CIBC Canadian bank it provided services to the customers from Eastern Europe. And later this subsidiary was bought by Credit Lyonnais.

Bank's shareholders:
Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Paris La Défense France) ‐ 100%

Judicial Cooperation Agreement with Russia is signed; Double Taxation Agreement with Russia is signed; AML legislation is strictly observed; Active member of OECD, FATF, Basel Commitee, Egmont Group etc.
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