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Outcoming transfer, €:
Transfer fee is not high (in 2037 CHF), however, the bank focuses on the clients' traditional investment transactions, where the fees may be highly variable. Fee for transferring through Internet banking 5 CHF; via phone or fax25 CHF

Incoming transfer, €:
When the number of transactions up to 5 000 per year, incoming payments free of charge. When the number of payments over 5000 per year fee for transfer of funds to the account agreement

Account maintenance, € / year:
Maintenance fee for accounts amounts of assets 15 000 CHF is 6 CHF, for the sum of over 15 000 fee service account is charged

Distant access to the account:
All uptodate (Internet) and traditional (phone) means to access the account are available.

Financial products:
The Bank offers full range of financial services and products

Credit / debit cards:
Cards of different payment systems are available

Hold mail:
Providing account statements on a monthly basis in a timely manner free of other conditions agreed
Minimum balance, €:
The minimum amount required for opening an account is 500 000 CHF or equivalent in another currency. The fee for opening and closing the account will not be charged

The allowable number of transfers per month:
The number of transfers is not limited

Down payment, €:
The amount of down payment is 50 000 CHF

Deadline for submitting, month .:
As a rule, paid in the first three months of the account opening

Promptness of payment:
Payments are executed on the same day
Deadline for submitting, month .:
As a rule, paid in the first three months of the account opening
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Founded: 1856

The Bank was founded in 1856. In 1978 he began collaborating with The First Boston Corporation, and in 1988 received a controlling stake in the company. In 1996, Credit Suisse Holding was renamed Credit Suisse Group. In 2005 it changed its name to Credit Suisse as a result of the merger with Credit Suisse First Boston. In 2010 merged with Credit Suisse (International) Holding AG to Credit Suisse AG, and in 2012 with Clariden Leu

Shareholders of the bank:
Credit Suisse Group (Zürich Switzerland) 100%

Agreement on legal assistance of the Russian Federation concluded, an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation concluded; AMLzakonodatelstvo enforced rigorously; active membership in the OECD, FATF, Basel Commitee, Egmont Group, and others.
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