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Outcoming transfer, € (€ 50 000):
The transfer fee is 0.2% of the amount, but not less than EUR 8

Incoming transfer, € (€ 50 000):
The charges on incoming transfers are 0.2% of the amount, but not less than EUR 8

Account maintenance, €/year:
The maintenance fee for a personal account is from EUR 10.55 to 28.47 per quarter; for corporate accounts – 0.03% (but at
least EUR 13.50 per quarter). Account closure – free of charge (for individuals); EUR 12.38 (for corporate clients). Cash withdrawal charges – 0.25% (but at least EUR 3.63)

Distant access to the account:
By fax, but has to be agreed with the bank officer in advance. There is also a free account viewing system via modem.
Instructions by email are permitted (except requests for transfer)

Financial products:
Cheque books (Eurocheques) (a cheque book of 10 leaves – EUR 5, stop payment of a cheque – EUR 11). Letters of credit.
Bank guarantees. The bank confidently works with all sorts of bank instruments

Credit/debit cards:
VISA (VisaCard First, VisaCard Gold, VisaCard Platinum, VisaCard Privat Banking); maintenance fee – from EUR 1.57 to
9.16 per month. MasterCard (MasterCard First, MasterCard Gold); maintenance fee – from EUR 1.57 to 5.82 per month

Hold mail:
Provision of bank statements – from EUR 0.04 to 0.90. Shipment of bank statements – EUR 0.85 plus postal expenses
Minimum balance, €:
The bank requires a minimum account balance of 500 000 EUR

The allowable number of transfers per month:
The number of monthly transactions on the account are not limited to

Down payment, €:
The initial payment is equal to the minimum balance

Minimum turnover, € / year:
The minimum annual turnover of 1 million EUR
How fast payments are executed:
Value date ­ second day. Transaction day ends at 12.00 Moscow time
1 position in local rating
98 position in global rating
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Year of foundation: 1819.

The oldest savings bank in Austria, it was founded in 1819. In 1997 Die Erste österreichische Spar­Casse Bank AG, established 1819 as the oldest savings bank in Austria and GiroCredit merged into Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG. In August 2008 the company changed into the holding company Erste Group Bank AG and the Austrian business of Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG was separated from the newly founded holding company. Erste Group Bank AG is the second largest banking group in the country and the lead bank of the Austrian savings banks group. Through its acquisitions in Central Europe region, the bank is now one of the leading retail banks in Central Europe

Bank's shareholders:
DIE ERSTE österreichische Spar­Casse Privatstiftung (Vienna Austria) ­20,1%; CaixaBank SA (Barcelona Spain) ­ 9,9%

Double Taxation Agreement with Russia is signed; AML legislation is strictly observed; Active member of OECD, FATF, Basel Commitee, Egmont Group etc.
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